About Us

Hello, my name is Randell.


My name is Randell.

Welcome to my website. Thank you so much for visiting!

I would describe myself as …happy, not as fit as I should be, not so good left hip, love being with and riding my horses, love being outside, love my family, love animals, love whistling, love fixing things, love cookies, sensitive, very old-fashioned kind of gal!

I got my first horse Shady, just after I turned 40. Having a horse was not what I expected. I dreamed I would bring her home and we would ride off into the sunset together in perfect harmony with my hair flying in the wind behind me!! I was wrong.

It is all ok though, I figured out a way to get good help and put myself on the right path.

I did a lot of reading, studying Natural Horsemanship. I learned the importance of a good foundation and how I needed to be a confident partner and a leader to my horse. Soon we were a team. We now share trust and a language we can both speak.

Things got great!

I decided I could now ride away from home, all on my own.

We went to a local park one day, I had to hop off for a few minutes while in the woods.

When I tried to get back on using a wet log, I had a mishap.

Very long walk back to the truck. Drove home injured and very sad.

Once home, I cried (a lot) and my husband said, “Why not invent something?”

All I could think of was “How on earth do other people get on their horse when away from their mounting block?”

I soon discovered it is sort of a luck thing…we hope to find a rock, log, ditch or someone to help us back on so we can keep riding.

I needed more than that. I came up with Solo-Ride…no luck necessary! 😊

I truly hope Solo-Ride helps you like it helps me.

All the very best.

Sincerely, Randell