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Portable Mounting Aid for Any Rider, Any Discipline. For use with any Saddle or Bareback! We want you to feel like Solo-Ride® was made just for You!

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Portable Mounting Aid for Any Rider, Any Discipline. For use with any Saddle or Bareback. We want you to feel like Solo-Ride® was made just for You!

Solo-Ride® has a Lifetime Guarantee. We have put every effort into making sure Solo-Ride is excellent quality. We want it to be a product that will last you a lifetime of riding. (Only to be used as an Equine Mounting Aid per instructions)

  • Solo-Ride® is made locally, close to us in British Columbia so that we may be sure of outstanding quality.
  • Solo-Ride® is one of a kind, the only Mounting Aid that can be used to mount bareback and can also be used as a step up to your saddle stirrup.
  • Made with 100% heavy duty nylon webbing
  • All hardware is 100% stainless steel
  • Stirrup is strong, lightweight aluminum
  • Waist Pack is made of durable 600 denier polyester
  • Wither/under leg comfort pad included
  • Waist pack adjusts to 55″
  • Three zippered pockets for extra storage (Cell phone and keys fit perfectly) Key ring in pocket
  • Embroidered waist pack included
  • Also comes in size X-Long for Horses generally over 16hh+ – email or call if you have any questions.

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6 reviews for The Original Solo-Ride®

  1. Sonja Beale

    Posted: February 27, 2015
    Product Review By Sonja Beale, Canadian Horse Journal
    The Solo-Ride arrived in a box covered with pictorial instructions, and included a fanny pack (with lots of pockets) in which to store the Solo-Ride while riding. The Solo-Ride itself is comprised of thick nylon webbing that creates the support system, a folding stirrup that is made of lightweight aluminum, and a padded strap that can be used for additional padding either on the wither or under the leg. The nylon webbing adjusts in two places and allows for maximum customization for different size horses. The Solo-Ride loops around one leg and over the back/wither and hangs down with a stirrup.

    After setting the Solo-Ride up on my horse, I spent a few minutes putting my weight in and out of the stirrup. My horse is still green but quickly adjusted to the new pressure and I was able to mount within five minutes.

    I made my first attempt while my horse was already tacked up. With the Solo-Ride lying to the right side of my stirrup (similar to using a step-stool) I put my right foot into the Solo-Ride’s stirrup, then my left foot into my saddle’s stirrup which allowed me to mount easily. I used the padded band over the cantle to protect the leather from the nylon webbing. For bareback, I lengthened both of the adjustable straps so I could reach the stirrup from the ground, and again I mounted easily, then folded the Solo-Ride into its waist pack.

    I am excited to use it on the trail!

  2. L Arsenault

    Well I received my Solo Ride last Monday and could not wait to go home and try it out. Not knowing how my horse would react, we headed to the arena, to be on the safe side. To say the least my first attempt was not graceful at all. (Glad no one was looking) My horse could give a rip that this was attached around his leg. I tried it three more times that nite and started to get the hang of it. I was using it as a extension of my stirrup. The following night I used it like a step ladder. Much better. Well this week my girl friend went out for our normal trail ride and I showed it to her, and this time it went very well. Did not have to use a log, rock or a mounting block. She was very impressed and so am I. I thought that I might mind the fanny back, but to be honest I hardly noticed it. This has to be one of the best tools I have in my tool box now. Just to give you a little history I am 60, have bad knees and my horse although not huge is 15 3. I love this product and will not hesitate to recommend to all my horse friends.

    Thanks a bunch

    Opal AB

  3. Maryse Walton

    I live in Europe, Belgium.
    I was amazed how quickly my parcel came from Canada.
    I am now in my early sixties and have bad knees… I have ridden all my adult life.
    It was quite easy putting the Solo-Ride on my 1.80m gelging (17.7 hh).
    Watching the video, I realised I had firstly to put my right foot into the Solo-Ride, facing the back side of the horse.
    I then had to stand up on my right leg and lift my left foot up into my saddle stirrup and then I was up, sitting in my English saddle in no time!!! What a really nice surprise! I was over the moon!
    I have to say I use to get up on my horse using a stepladder so it is quite a challenge when I am out on a hike and have to put foot on the ground and go back up again.
    I searched the internet trying to find something useful, and I am so happy to have found the Solo-Ride!

  4. Lindsay Reffner

    This product is awesome! When I bought my 18hh Percheron earlier this year, I was constantly wondering how I was going to be able to mount him if I took him out on the trail or even out in the field. Mounting blocks would help me get on him initially, BUT there was no way I could carry one with me on the trail! There were mounting aids online, but many of them got bad reviews and you could only use them with a saddle. My thoughts were, “What if I wanted to ride him bareback?” Unless I found a stump or something, I would be forced to walk him back to the house and remount. Then, thanks to google, I found Hairy Back Ranch! After raving about it to my husband, he decided to purchase it for me as a surprise. It arrived at my house within a week and I tried it out the first chance I got. After some tweaking with the strap lengths and introducing my horse to the new pressure, I was finally able to get on him without any issues! The Solo-Ride is perfect and I’m so glad my husband bought it for me! Thank you Hairy Back Ranch! You’ve made my life so much easier!

  5. Helen Redrow

    After reading all the reviews and watching how solo ride works on you tube and of course out of DESPERATION I decided to give it a try. I’m short and not so young anymore so mounting is always a challenge. Today i used it for the first time. Wow this thing really works! And it’s easy to use! I Put it on my horse and up I went without a problem in a matter of minutes. I did put a little weight in it first so my horse could get the feel of it and he was fine! Never budged! I got on my horse with the SOLO RIDE FIRST TRY! AMAZING! Then I unhooked it and slipped it into a saddlebag. (Fanny pack is adorable but I didn’t use it this time).
    This comes from Canada and I was surprised at how fast this shipped. Came in a very nice box… this would make a great gift! I thought this was overpriced at first but this is well made and I believe it will last many many years and save my knees and give me the mounting freedom that I have been missing!
    I was very touched by some of the videos seeing how helpful the Solo Ride has been in giving people the ability to mount without such a struggle. The young girl with MS is quite an inspiration.
    Thanks Hairy Back Ranch for the Solo Ride!

  6. Sarah Metivier

    I bought a solo-ride as soon as I knew I was going to ride a 16hh mare. Being a beginner and not flexible at all, I was sure to have problems if I fell off my horse on a hike. I finally had the chance to find your product on the Internet. I waited a long time before trying it. I was afraid that my mare would hardly accept this belt. I was worried for nothing !!! My mare hasn’t moved an inch. I have to practice a bit to get up to the top, but it’s really not she who has to work!!!

    Thank you for inventing this product. I am the envy of some riders in my stable, and I even helped a friend to ride back on his 17hh horse!

    I predict some sales in the area of Quebec, Canada!

    • Shop Admin

      Dear Sarah,
      Thank you so much for your email. I am truly so happy for you.
      All the best always.
      Sincerely, Randell

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