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Realtree Pigment Dyed Hat
Realtree® x HBR Pigment Dyed Hat



In stock

Realtree® x HBR Pigment Dyed Hat


Realtree® x Hairy Back Ranch® Yes please! To give you an idea of what it feels like, the Camo panels have a heavy cotton feel and the pigment dyed brown panels feel almost like a light version of a rain slick material. Such a great hat, the color matches exactly how it feels when you hold it and when you put it on! I feel like I want to put it on a head straight to the Barn… partly because it is the perfect color for anywhere there might be dirt and also becuase it looks so sharp. Likely the reason it is one of our top sellers!

In stock

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When I was younger, I was absolutely a Hat person, like…I had one on all the time. Then as I got a bit older…not so much…then a bit older again and woohoo a Hat Gal again… as I write this…I am more of a whatever works that day kinda gal!
It is really neat how our tastes can change to meet our needs… that means we are listening to ourselves and doing what makes us feel comfortable, sweet! One day we enjoy something, and then just a few days, weeks or even months later, poof again… no thankyou! Well, hats are like that for me, maybe for you too? I know most of the hats I choose to wear all have a little somethin’ somethin’ that I love about each one. And we all know, certain hats work better than others at different times!
For example, running to the barn in the pouring rain… 😨 I know exactly which hat I will quickly whip on my head so that my already flat hair, with carefully applied gel and other sprays and spritzes will not be glued to my head once I get there! In that case it does not matter at all that its not the cleanest! Or, lets say I have to go to the grosh to grab something, my first thought would be, it must be clean…and somewhat cute and stylish…am I right? 😊 Off to the barn…ummm, def my favorite one that looks amazing (perfect for selfies with my horse) while I do my chores! Driving hat, must keep sun out of my eyes….and so on and so on. There are oodles of examples like that, when I see gals with their flowing manes, banded and tucked through the back of their hat like a controlled wild animal…I think it looks amazing!!! If you are reading this and have a ponytail with a hat on…we see you…and you look fabulous… TRUE STORY! 💛
Hats do so much for us, and we take great pride in every hat we have at HBR. They are all hand picked for quality, making sure they are easy to adjust for a perfect fit every time! If you have a brilliant idea for a hat, drop us a note, we love notes just like we Love Hats!

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