The Original Solo-Ride®


Portable Mounting Aid for Any Rider, Any Discipline. For use with any Saddle or Bareback! We want you to feel like Solo-Ride® was made just for You!


The Original Solo-Ride®

Portable Mounting Aid for Any Rider, Any Discipline. For use with any Saddle or Bareback. We want you to feel like Solo-Ride® was made just for You!

Solo-Ride® has a Lifetime Guarantee. We have put every effort into making sure Solo-Ride is excellent quality. We want it to be a product that will last you a lifetime of riding. (Only to be used as an Equine Mounting Aid per instructions)

  • Solo-Ride® is made locally, close to us in British Columbia so that we may be sure of outstanding quality.
  • Solo-Ride® is one of a kind, the only Mounting Aid that can be used to mount bareback and can also be used as a step up to your saddle stirrup.
  • Made with 100% heavy duty nylon webbing
  • All hardware is 100% stainless steel
  • Stirrup is strong, lightweight aluminum
  • Waist Pack is made of durable 600 denier polyester
  • Wither/under leg comfort pad included
  • Waist pack adjusts to 55″
  • Three zippered pockets for extra storage (Cell phone and keys fit perfectly) Key ring in pocket
  • Embroidered waist pack included
  • Also comes in size X-Long for Horses generally over 16hh+ – email or call if you have any questions.

Regular, Extra Long

5 reviews for The Original Solo-Ride®

  1. Janine

    Received my solo-ride yesterday. Brilliant! Wonderful design and well made. I order the XL, but it’s too small for my horse. Fully extended it’s about 6″ below his withers and the stirrup is still up above my waist (and I’m 5′ 7). But no worries, I am going to add more strap to the stirrup side. Just wanted you to know this is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Good job!!

  2. Sonya Beale

    Posted: February 27, 2015
    Product Review By Sonja Beale, Canadian Horse Journal
    The Solo-Ride arrived in a box covered with pictorial instructions, and included a fanny pack (with lots of pockets) in which to store the Solo-Ride while riding. The Solo-Ride itself is comprised of thick nylon webbing that creates the support system, a folding stirrup that is made of lightweight aluminum, and a padded strap that can be used for additional padding either on the wither or under the leg. The nylon webbing adjusts in two places and allows for maximum customization for different size horses. The Solo-Ride loops around one leg and over the back/wither and hangs down with a stirrup.

    After setting the Solo-Ride up on my horse, I spent a few minutes putting my weight in and out of the stirrup. My horse is still green but quickly adjusted to the new pressure and I was able to mount within five minutes.

    I made my first attempt while my horse was already tacked up. With the Solo-Ride lying to the right side of my stirrup (similar to using a step-stool) I put my right foot into the Solo-Ride’s stirrup, then my left foot into my saddle’s stirrup which allowed me to mount easily. I used the padded band over the cantle to protect the leather from the nylon webbing. For bareback, I lengthened both of the adjustable straps so I could reach the stirrup from the ground, and again I mounted easily, then folded the Solo-Ride into its waist pack.

    I am excited to use it on the trail!

  3. Minnie L

    I really like the Solo ride mounting aide. I took my old mare out today with a soft bareback pad and the solo ride mounting aide and had a blast! I used to ride bare back all of the time but now I’m just getting too old to hop up so this product is just what I needed to continue riding without worrying where to get off and on. Thank you for inventing this! I love it!

  4. Irene J

    Love my Solo.. 16.4 hands horse… works great.. be sure to practice in the arena and do refresher IN THE ARENA .. cause when you need it out on trail you want it to be old news to your horse.

  5. Colleen

    I use the mounting block even with a saddle, or find a stump or hill …I am thrilled and will highly recommend it! Thanks for inventing such a helpful aid Sincerely, Colleen

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How to Solo-Ride®


Unfold and drape Solo-Ride over your horse’s withers with the stirrup hanging on the left.


On the right side of your horse, adjust the length of the snap end to fit around your horse’s right leg and attach it to the D-ring high up close to your horse’s withers.


Back on the left side of your horse, adjust your stirrup to your desired length and height. Mount your horse.


Undo the snap from the D-ring, letting the snap fall. Gather Solo-Ride up and put back into waist pack for next time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is Solo-Ride®?

Solo-Ride is a Portable Mounting Aid that helps you mount your horse. Solo-Ride can be used to mount Bareback or as a Step up to your Saddle Stirrup.

Who can use Solo-Ride®?

Solo-Ride was created for any rider. It is adjustable to fit most horses and people, from a small pony all the way to a very large horse.

How do I use Solo-Ride®?

As a Step up to your Saddle Stirrup – Set the Solo-Ride stirrup approximately halfway between the ground and your saddle stirrup. Step into Solo-Ride with your right foot and then your left foot into your saddle stirrup. Once mounted simply undo the snap allowing it to fall, gather up and tuck into waist pack or your own saddle bags for next time.
Mounting Bareback – Step into the Solo-Ride with your left foot as usual. Once mounted simply undo the snap allowing it to fall, gather up and tuck into waist pack or your own saddle bags for next time.

Will it hurt my horse?

The two most important things to us are safety and comfort, for horse and rider alike. When used as per the instructions, your horse will not experience any discomfort. It is suggested that the horse and rider are the proper ratio to each other. As with all equine activities, it is also important to allow each horse individually, the time they need to get to know any new sensation.

See our testimonials/review tab, Solo-Ride® has been used and reviewed by many riders and 3 independent veterinarians. Let us know if you have any questions.

Will the X-Long size fit tall and shorter horses?

Yes, the X-Long size will fit a smaller/ regular sized horses as well as the tall ones. While the X-long is made specifically for taller, larger horses (approx. 16hh and over) it can also be adjusted for use on a smaller horse as well.

Where is Solo-Ride® made?

Solo-Ride® is made close to us here in BC, Canada with the highest quality materials available.

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