A Poem

The path was silent, except for the sound of us. We knew that eyes watch from each side. Making our way, down the path.

His hooves carried me down the path.
Not a wide path but meant to be travelled.
Once again, we were on our way.
Together we left it all behind.
This was what we did.
There was no destination.
We just knew we were going somewhere, not too far, but somewhere.
The sun moved with us, stopping behind random clouds.
We kept going.
It was my job to lead us and his job to take us there.
He knew he could trust me; I knew I could trust him.
Our time together was treasured.
It was new to both of us, every time.
Knowing we had each other made it an adventure we both wanted.
The path was silent, except for the sound of us.
We knew that eyes watch from each side.
Making our way, down the path.
Enjoying the peace, without expectation.
In itself, this was what we longed for.
The time came, as it always did, to go.
We both wanted to run, run fast as though our destination was an urgent request.
As though we had no time to waste, he moved without effort.
I knew what was to come.
Off we went, the feeling of freedom. The freedom from fear. We went as fast as we could.
The ground passed by as though it was water flowing beneath us in the direction we had just come.
The Maple trees watched and waved their leaves as we passed.
We were flying, I was sure of it.
I breathed as deep as I could and wished this time could go on forever.
To the top of the hill, we climbed.
His thundering hooves never missing a beat.
We began to slow, his head raised slightly.
I could see a meadow as we reached the crest of the hill.
His ears focussed on the nearing wide-open space.
He slowed to a walk, taking in the new view.
We were here.
We lived in the moment breathing it all in.
It would be over soon, as time waits for no one.

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