The HBR Warehouse – My Aha Moment

We want our customer to be more than happy when they open it, we want them to feel good about how we are delivering their order. We feel pretty confident we are hitting the mark on this one!

My AHA Moment!

What to do…Are we doing our part…are we doing the right thing?

Let me start at the beginning.

Orders comes in. The computer makes this cute little ding-dong sound each time, which we love to hear and we giggle with excitement because we get to do what we do! We get to send out something from our shop to somewhere else in the world!

We print the order, the shipping label and we set them together on the big table. Then we get to do the funnest thing ever…we skip (not really, but kind of) around the shop picking up the items for the order. We head back to the big table to put it all together.

This is where things get a little tricky. For a while now we simply turned to look at the packaging shelf to see the options and decide which one to use. Not thoughtlessly, but somewhat without thought, if that makes any sense. In a box, plastic bubble mailer, paper bubble mailer, wrap it in paper or all of the above? Until now it has been just “Go with the flow”.

It is by no means rocket science, but I have to say, when we are sending an order out, we not only want it to be exactly what our customer ordered but we want to do it thoughtfully, with care. We want our customer to be more than happy when they open it, we want them to feel good about how we are delivering their order. We feel pretty confident we are hitting the mark on this one!

Or are we…?

Let’s back up to “Go with the flow”, it has worked so far and worked well for us. But lately, I am not sure about some of the packaging we use, what happens to those packages after they have reached their destination? Then what, where does it all go?

Doing a self check every now and then isn’t easy. It usually means we are rethinking what we do, but often run the risk of finding out there is a better way. Not an easy task these days. There seems to be something we are forgetting to remember! In this case, the wrapping, the garbage, all the stuff at the end, after the job is done.

So one day, as I wrapped up a few hoodies, a pair of sweatpants and 2 hats, I realized I was putting each item inside a large brand new shipping sized plastic zip-lock type bag, then into the box or other container. As I got low on those plastic bags, I thought about how many I had used, where were they all today? Were my customers reusing them? Were they in a landfill? I know many times I have told myself that each and every one of them had been thoughtfully recycled, but is it their job to recycle my packaging? Is that the best I can do?

Suddenly, I didn’t feel very confident about a few things on my packaging shelf. I turned to look at it and was glad there were no plastic bags left, I had the AHA moment. It was time to do without those bags. No plastic bags would be a step in the right direction.

I went right to my computer to do what many of us do in a time like this…we Google it!

I was overjoyed to find that there were oodles of biodegradable options that would safely deliver our orders.

Earth Friendly Packaging
100% Biodegradable Earth Friendly Packaging

It was now my turn to make an order, 100% Biodegradable bags were on their way.

The moment they arrived we knew it was the right thing to do. They even come is lovely colors!!

Another endeavor will be tape, we know this is almost impossible to live without, but we will continue to improve.

We truly want to do the right thing for our customers and of course for the world.

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