About Us

Hello, my name is Randell. I began riding horses just a few years ago. After a long search, I found what I thought for sure was my dream horse. I drove for hundreds of miles to pick her up, returned home and stood staring at this wonderful creature. I could already picture us riding off into the sunset together, I was sure of it!

Not having any previous riding experience or knowing how to pick the right horse for myself, I went strictly on how she looked. Given that she was lovely to look at, I thought she would be perfect. I could not have been more wrong.

After oodles of reading and listening to many different natural horsemanship training gurus, my life and my horse’s life completely changed. I now had a plan and some tools to repair and rebuild the relationship between us. I had no idea what an amazing connection you can have with a horse, especially when that horse looks to you for direction. To have their trust and respect is truly incredible.

Next came riding away from home. Once we mastered riding in our arena and around our fields, I decided it was time to take a trip to a local riding park. Off we went, it wasn't too far, a 30-minute trailer ride. Since I ride bareback, I hopped on an away we went. Not too long into the ride, I had to hop off. It was just then I realized I had no way back on. Obviously finding a stump or log should be no problem. I looked around; even walked a little while. Sadly, it wasn't as easy as I thought. To find a stump tall enough for me that my horse could get close enough to was nearly impossible. I did eventually find one! Up I went and within seconds, I went down just as fast. The log I chose was a bit wet and my boot slipped off. Down I went, falling to the ground face first onto the log. Now with a split lip and very bruised ego, I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I hurt everywhere. Crying my eyes out seemed to be the only natural thing to do. So, I did just that. My horse stood and stared at me like I had lost my marbles. After a few minutes, I stopped crying and pulled myself together. “We will walk for a while” I told her and we will find another stump or something I can use to get back on. Unfortunately, we ended up walking ALL the way back to the truck, which was a 5km walk. We did pass one man, but for the life of me, I was not about to ask a stranger (that weighed less than me) to help lift me back on my 16hh horse. Back to the trailer, home we went.

As we pulled into the driveway, I began to cry again as I saw my husband waving at me. (a bit like when kids cry when they see their mom after they fall). After a welcome home hug and a "How was your ride?" I explained to him what had happened. He then said “Hmm, you better invent something to help you back on your horse!!”

That night, lying in bed, I had an epiphany! What if my horse can help me get back on?  Horses are so strong. Perhaps the horse could be used somehow as a counter balance to me. I instantly got out of bed and ran to her stall in the middle of the night. Running back and forth from my sewing machine to her stall. A few weeks later, I had created what I call Solo-Ride!

And that's about it. The rest is history. I never ride without my Solo-Ride. I have tossed my Solo-Ride to complete strangers at the park and they were surprised at how it worked for them. I truly believe Solo-Ride can help any rider to get back on their horse. It may take a bit of practice as anything with horses does. Whether you ride bareback or with a saddle ...Solo-Ride is the answer!

Very sincerely, Randell

P.S. People ask me all the time how and why I chose the name Hairy Back Ranch...

Well, one day it occurred to me that many creatures, great and small, have hair on them. It also occurred to me that some of my dearest friends are covered in it - our horses, cows, dogs and cats. Even some of my human friends have oodles of it.