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What is Solo-Ride?

Solo-Ride is a Portable Mounting Aid that helps you mount your horse. Solo-Ride can be used to mount Bareback or as a Step up to your Saddle Stirrup.

Who can use Solo-Ride?

Solo-Ride was created for any rider. It is adjustable to fit most horses and people, from a small pony all the way to a very large horse.

What if my horse starts to walk away or move when I am getting on?

If your horse moves or begins to walk off, simply step down and remove your foot from the stirrup and wait for the horse to stand still before beginning again. You do not have to worry about falling from a stump, rock or mounting block as you are already standing on the ground when using with Solo-Ride.

How do I use Solo-Ride?

Read enclosed instructions. Also visit us at www.hairybackranch.com to see video of Solo-Ride being used. We also have the instructions posted on our website, along with pictures of each step.

* As a Step up to your Saddle Stirrup – Set the Solo-Ride stirrup approximately halfway between the ground and your saddle stirrup. Step into Solo-Ride with your right foot and then your left foot into your saddle stirrup.

* Mounting Bareback - Step into the Solo-Ride with your left foot as usual.

Where do I use Solo-Ride?

You can use your Solo-Ride® anytime, anywhere you want.

How and where do I store Solo-Ride?

Keep your Solo-Ride® inside its accompanying waist pack and wear it anytime you ride so you always have it with you.

Where is Solo-Ride made?

Solo-Ride® is made in Canada with only high quality materials.

What is Solo-Ride made of?

Solo-Ride is made of heavy duty nylon webbing and 100% stainless steel hardware. The Solo-Ride stirrup is made of a strong, lightweight aluminum.

Can I use Solo-Ride on different horses?

Yes absolutely, your Solo-Ride can be adjusted to fit any horse you would like to mount. It is also a terrific addition to have on group trail rides for riders to share if needed.

Will it hurt my horse?

When used as per the instructions, your horse will not experience any discomfort. It is important to allow horses to get to know the new sensation slowly as suggested with all horse activities. Also see our testimonials/review tab. Solo-Ride® has been used and reviewed by many riders and 3 independent veterinarians. Solo-Ride®...Make Every Ride great!

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